Launch of the National Court-Annexed Mediation Service – 10 October 2018

Launch of the National Court-Annexed Mediation Service – 10 October 2018

As part of Moldova’s Justice Reform Strategy (2011-2015), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with the financial support from British Government and the British Embassy in Chisinau have undertaken a range of activities to improve the business climate. The implementation of ADR systems, specifically relating to mediation and arbitration, has emerged as a priority to improve access to justice, increase trust in the judicial system, decrease the pendency of the courts and promote inward foreign direct investment (FDI) by increasing investor confidence in the ability to have disputes resolved effectively.
With this in mind, the Commercial Mediation and Arbitration Project was launched, and is currently in Phase III of implementation. The primary objective Phase III is commercial mediation aiming to assist the Government with promoting and facilitating the use of commercial mediation on a national scale.
Among the activities that this project seeks to achieve is to create an effective court referral system and connect it to mediation centres providing mediation services, resulting in a court-annexed mediation mechanism.

After five years of development, training and consultancy, the landscape of Mediation in Moldova has taken a leap forward, with the Court-Annexed Mediation service now ready to be launched. Series of training of mediators, judges and court administrators, as well as legal and structural developments, has enabled the Moldovan justice system to offer, suggest and inform citizens on the use and benefits of mediation.

To ensure the visibility and clarity of this project, a launch event will be organised at the Ministry of Justice of Moldova gathering various medias and news agencies to communicate on the project to the wider population. This event will be the culmination of the Mediation Project. It will gather the main actors of the project, who have and will take part in the development of mediation in Moldova. The launch will be in two parts:

  1. Genesis, aim and development of the programme, presented by the Ministry of Justice, the British Embassy, EBRD and CEDR.
  2. The National Court-Annexed Mediation Service and the future development of Mediation In Moldova, presented by the Mediation Centre, the Chamber of Commerce and the Mediation council.

The event will end on a Q & A session, and followed, if required, by individual interviews.

Date:      10 October 2018

Time:      11.00 – 12.30

Venue:   The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova


  • Ministry of Justice: Secretary of State, Mr Eduard Serbenco
  • British Embassy: Representative (TBC)
  • EBRD: EBRD RO Representative (TBC)
  • Chamber of Commerce: Vasile Nicolae, Chief of the Legal Department/ Mr Dumitru Lefter, Director of the Mediation Centre
  • CEDR: Mr Andrzej Grossman
  • Mediation Council: TBC





Speaker Topic
11.00 The Minister for Justice Introduction of the project and presentation of the speakers
11.10 British Embassy Support and purpose of developing Mediation
11.20 CEDR Genesis and roll-out of the project.


–        Purpose & Aim

–        Training & Capacity building

–        Gender awareness & balance

11.35 EBRD Thanks to all the stakeholders
11.40 CCI / Mediation Centre The National Court-Annexed Mediation Service
11.55 SCM and judges Importance of the roll-out and role of the judiciary
12.05 Mediation Council The future of mediation in Moldova
12.15 MOJ, CEDR & EBRD Questions & answers
12.30   Individual interviews by news agents of actors of the project (topics to be agreed in advance)