Mission, vision, values

  • Promoting and delivering mediation services and training for the mediators;
  • Developing the mediation institution for the benefit of the citizens, the business environment and the judiciary sistem;
  • Increasing the trust of the beneficiaries of the services provided by the Mediation Center, in the organization, in its capacity to deliver exclusively qualitive services, according to the specified conditions, at the established deadlines, at a new quality level in order to increase their satisfaction;
  • Continuous optimization of the servicesprovided by the Mediation Center, while reducing customer discrepancies and complaints;
  • Creating competitive advantages for customers through innovation;
  • The concern of the provided by the Mediation Center of thr constatnt improvement of the activities carried out, by monitoring the beneficiaries’ evolution.
  • In the following years, the Mediation Center aims to continue to grow, to make sustainable progress in this field, to further improve professional skills, so as to be recognized as a provider of trustworthy mediation services.
  • Integrity;
  • Transparency;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Seriousness;
  • Professional competency;
  • Care for employees;
  • Respect for the service recipients;
  • Customer satisfaction is our permanent goal.